Thursday, January 27, 2011

''8 Ways to design like a professional''

Whether its drawing art, designing a website, decorating your bedroom, or even designing a dress, you should must know a few things before you start:

1. Communicate, don't decorate
Have a concept before you start. The concept should be clear to YOU and to your audience.

Design with purpose, NOT with randomness.

2. Pick colors that go well together
Sometimes we think to ourselves ''Maybe I need to add more items''. It's not always the best solution, try using colors that match.

3. Don't shout at your audience
Make use of the term ''Negative Space''. You don't need to fill up every corner. Infact, have some space on purpose; space highlights the subject.

This is also known as ''Less is more''!

4. Focus on the subject
Batman is awesome.........
Ironman is awesome.......
Spiderman is awesome....

But having all of them in one movie will NOT make an awesome movie, why? Every time you add a subject to your design, all other subjects lose focus.

5. Align elements
Align your main elements properly.

6. Ignore temporary fashion
Fashion changes rapidly and won't last long.

7. Make sure your text is readable!
Common mistakes when using text:
  • Using many different fonts. Try using only two to three fonts.
  • Unreadable text: Either unsuitable background or unsuitable text color.

8. Measure overall design
Final step, measure the entire design, maybe you need to remove elements, or add some others, change some colors, or maybe even scribble the whole design and start over.

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