Thursday, April 1, 2010's Favorite Items - March 2010

Starting this month we would like to share our favorite post for each category that we found to be interesting for one reason or another :)
So here you go, these are the highlights of the month:
Art - A very popular item in the arts category Souq 55, By Abbas Almosawi

     View this Art - Souq 55

Car - Great post from Lebanon. One word, Classic!
Watch - A beauty from a wide range of watches posted by the user Tariq Jewellers
Bike - We've had a couple of interesting bikes posted but this one we really liked!
     View this Bike - Kawasaki 1700F
Property - Pick of the month from an upcoming development
Boat - We want one of these! Great price for such a luxurious cruiser.
     View this Boat - 35 Ft Chaparral Cruiser

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