Sunday, August 9, 2009’s Kids Logo Competition

The Bahrain Art Society hosted a two-hour event entitled ‘Art and Fun - Kid’s annual logo competition’. The unique and one of a kind event featured Bahraini artist and holder of diploma from London Art College Areej Rajab. She led the kids to redesign the website icons for a fun, exciting and creative competition.

Hussain Kadhem, heading of Marketing at, strove to make the event memorable and a fun experience for the kids. He explains that by creating contests, ‘we provide student engagement activities that mirror the professional and business world and give the students the opportunity to interact visually with each other.” And added “By participating in these competitions, students learn about juried art shows and other contests which will help them succeed in the ‘real world.” creator and sponsor of the event is the regions premiere specialised on-line market place. The website specialises in providing a platform that allows buyers and sellers to find each other.

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