Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We're celebrating Cheese Pizza Day....are you?

You must be thinking Cheese pizza day...what the heck? how about Make your bed day, Chocolate milk shake day or wait my favorite Be late for something day. Amazingly these dates are celebrated by some people this month. It's not all bad though, to come to think of it, I can use be late for something day at least once a year!


August proved to be quite a hot month in our region but also elsewhere, the US Tennis Open started in New York yesterday with temperatures reaching 43 degrees celsius....ouch! So september, please show us some improved weather.

On that note, let's start with a convertible, with only 4000km under it's hood, this car is great value for money.

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Next, let's look at a bike that has proven to be quite the machine for bike lovers.

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Like new, used for only 20 hours this Chaparral 284 is a great bargain for it's price. This boat is fully loaded with options, to name a few, yellow bimini, grill, bathroom, bow covers and many more.

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Moving on to our property pick of the month, possibly the best villa on to date.

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Ahhh, really nice. We like this watch from Bvlgari.

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We've always had good art being posted on, maybe we should dedicate next month's blog post for art? In the meantime have a look at this promising talent from Egypt.

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We hope you enjoyed this year's month of Ramadan and wish you a safe and pleasant end to the week!

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